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IV Infusions FAQ

The KNEW Method’s IV Infusions is a specialized IV drip therapy company located in Staten Island New York. We provide vitamin hydration therapy in support of health and wellness. Our blends of IV infusions, also known as formulas, vary to meet the unique needs of every client.

What is IV Drip Therapy for Health and Wellness?

At The KNEW Method’s IV Infusions, we provide IV vitamin drips in support of healthy function, immune strength, energy boosts, detoxification and age prevention. Our safe and unique IV therapies consist of a range of ingredients depending on the formula chosen, including vitamins and antioxidants, glutathione and electrolytes.

How does The KNEW Method’s IV Infusions Drip Therapy Work?

Intravenous or IV drips connected to a saline solution with a blend of vitamins, electrolytes or glutathione are delivered straight into the bloodstream. The IV bag is located above the patient’s head while the unique formula is given intravenously through gravity. Providing nutrients and antioxidants to the body in this manner supports faster absorption of essential elements into the bloodstream.

What is Included in an IV Formula?

Depending on the condition the IV drip is meant to support or symptoms it is intended to address, the IV drip contains saline with the combination of vitamins, antioxidants or electrolytes and glutathione. The supplements included in the drip will depend on an individualized formula chosen.

Are IV Therapies Helpful in Supporting Detoxification and Skin Enhancement?

A lack of vitamin and mineral content can leave your skin looking dull and susceptible to premature aging. Our unique blend of vitamin and antioxidant therapy helps the body rid itself of toxins while rejuvenating and beautifying your skin.

Can Receiving IV Therapies Support Immune Strength?

Receiving vitamin therapy into the bloodstream prevents the loss of nutrients that often occurs with oral supplements. You receive complete IV therapy with powerful nutrients and antioxidants helping support optimum immune health. Minimize your risk of colds and flu with enriched vitamin therapy.

Can IV Therapies Help You Relieve Hangovers Quickly?

Our hangover drip therapy replenishes the body with vitamin and nutrient-rich content. It flushes toxins and rehydrates the body. Nutrient enriched drip therapy eases hangover symptoms.

The KNEW Method’s IV Infusions is your trusted IV therapy specialist. We deliver vitamin therapy and IV drip therapies to support your health, well-being and lifestyle requirements.

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