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5 Game-Changing Tips for Eating Healthy Meals While On the Go

5 Game-Changing Tips for Eating Healthy Meals While On the Go 

Eating healthy is hard, especially when you’re on the go. No matter where you are or what time it is, we all have to eat and if we don’t fuel our bodies with good food then we won’t be able to get through the day. Everyone must have access to healthy meals, but sometimes life gets in the way and makes it difficult for us to do so. That’s why I’ve come up with five tips that will make eating healthy meals easier than ever!

Make a Meal plan BEFORE Going Grocery Shopping 

The first tip is to come prepared to the supermarket. I’m not a cook. So for me, I can’t go to the supermarket and suddenly have an epiphany that I’ll cook fillet mignon and whipped sweet potato. I’ll most likely end up buying bread and eating toast at home. Some people might end up reaching out for the cookies. That’s why it’s critical to plan out your meals for the week and write a list of everything you need to buy. 

Pack Snacks to Eat in Between Meals 

You’re going to get hungry between meals. So prepare for it.  I search for a snack between lunch and dinner–around 4 pm. Pack your snacks. Have a box ready. In your car. In your bag. In your bra. Be ready for it because a snack attack is coming. 

If you’re allowed, nuts are an excellent source of protein and fiber, so they will help to balance blood glucose levels which will prevent cravings. Other great snacks to have handy: 

  • Protein bars
  • Cut veggies 
  • Hard-boiled eggs 

Bring Leftovers from Dinner for Lunch

When I was little, leftover was a curse word. Leftovers again? Now leftovers are my favorite next-day food. When my wife cooks, she always makes extra, which I try hard not to eat at dinner. During dinner, I take out the Tupperware and fill it up. This helps me make sure that I don’t overeat at dinner and have the meal prepared for the next day.

If you’re doing any type of intermittent fasting, this is a no-brainer because usually, your first meal is around lunch. Leftovers guarantees that you don’t make hangry decisions at lunchtime. It also saves so much money. I take leftovers to work just about every day. 

When You’re Dining out, CHECK THE MENU Before Going

You don’t want to choose your meal while you’re hungry or based on what someone else is eating. Take a minute to look up what you will be eating before going out. This way, you can decide ahead of time what to order and don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the “bad” options on the menu.

Pro tip: You can ask not to put chips or bread on the table before the food is served.

Plan Your Cheat Meals or Snacks

We’re all human and will crave certain foods. Who doesn’t want pizza?  The trick is to plan the cheat meal or snack. My wife and I have a planned cheat meal every Friday night. This is so helpful because it’s hard to always be on point and knowing that you have a break coming up is so helpful. But also when the craving comes mid-week I can tell myself, “Cheat meal is coming up; don’t do it!” What we want to avoid is impulsive cheat decisions, such as eating ice cream because you’ve had a rough day. 

Eating healthy is CHALLENGING. Isn’t everything worth it challenging?

The key is preparing – preparing ourselves before the supermarket, preparing before snack time, preparing before we go out to eat.

If all this sounds overwhelming don’t forget our team is here to support you. At the end of the day, be the game changer in your life. 

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