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Gardening and Eating Right: Easy Tips from Dr. E on News Nation

Sometimes it’s the simple, everyday things that can give our health a major boost. In a segment on News Nation in New York last June 8, 2024, Dr. Efrat Lamandre, fondly known as Dr. E, shared some invaluable advice on the health benefits of gardening and the importance of a nutrient-rich diet. Her insights remind…

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Preserving Longevity: Finding Fitness That Fits You

Have you ever felt lost in the sea of fitness advice, feeling like nothing quite fits where you’re at in life? The truth is, most fitness advice isn’t designed with the unique needs and challenges of mid-life and beyond in mind. As our bodies evolve and change, so too must our approach to health and…

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Keeping Minds Sharp: 4 Simple Tips From Dr. E

June marks Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, an opportunity to focus on the global impact of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. With over 55 million individuals affected worldwide, the subject is of pressing importance. Recently, Dr. Efrat Lamandre, popularly known as Dr. E, NP with a PhD, was invited to speak on ABC 22…

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