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Let’s Talk Stress: Practical Advice from Dr. Efrat LaMandre

In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become an inevitable part of our daily lives, affecting us from all angles, be it family, work, or the daily commute. Recognizing April as stress awareness month, CBS NY New York sat down with Dr. Efrat LaMandre or Dr. E as she is referred to, to dive deep into…

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Antibiotics: What You Need To Know

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives. Trust me, we would not want to revert to the days before antibiotics. However, the issue arises from our excessive and incorrect use, creating a crisis within our bodies and the world. Healthcare providers prescribe millions of antibiotics (abx) each year. Shockingly, up to 43% are unnecessary. This misuse…

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Understanding Stress: Helpful Tips From Dr. Efrat LaMandre

Stress can feel like an unwanted guest in your body. But don’t worry, we’re here to show it the door. Dr. Efrat LaMandre shared some hopeful insights on understanding stress during her interview on Scripps News Atlanta, especially fitting as April marks National Stress Awareness Month. And if stress has been crashing on your couch…

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Managing Stress: 5 Helpful Tips From Dr. E

As the world accelerates, stress levels are skyrocketing, affecting the well-being of many. In recognition of Stress Awareness Month, Dr. Efrat LaMandre shared invaluable advice on FOX 19 Now Cincinnati Ohio regarding effective stress management techniques. She emphasizes the importance of implementing simple, yet powerful strategies for managing stress. Let’s explore Dr. LaMandre’s five essential…

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Brain Fog: What Happens If You Ignore It

Have you ever had one of those days when you can’t remember where you left your keys, or you walk into a room and forget why you’re there, or you’re just finding it tough to concentrate at your work or even at your favorite TV show? Well, you’re not losing your marbles. You might just…

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Sleep Awareness Month Recap: 3 Tips Dr. E Recommends

March was Sleep Awareness Month, and Dr. Efrat LaMandre shared some great tips to help us sleep better. Good sleep is very important for our health. Dr. Efrat LaMandre, popularly known as Dr. E, knows exactly how to help us improve our sleep. Let’s dive into her advice and see how we can get better…

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Dr. E on WAFF 48-Huntsville: How To Sleep Better

Everyone loves a good night’s sleep, but not all of us find it easy to achieve. There’s no need to struggle alone, though. Dr. Efrat LaMandre, popularly known as Dr. E, spoke to WAFF 48 in Huntsville, Alabama about sleep. Celebrated on TikTok and the founder of a successful health coaching company, let’s see how…

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Mold Toxicity: What You Need To Know About It

Believe it or not, mold toxicity issues are pretty common. I’ll be honest, back when I worked in mainstream medicine, I was one of the skeptics. But I’ve since learned I couldn’t have been more wrong. Mold can mess with your health in ways you’d never imagine. It can throw your hormones out of whack,…

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Dr. Efrat LaMandre on CBS 9: Understanding Rare Diseases

Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss Rare Diseases and the challenges faced by those with rare diseases on CBS 9 – KCAL in Los Angeles. Rare diseases, though individually uncommon, collectively affect a staggering 300 million people worldwide. Understanding this complex issue and finding the right support can be a daunting journey. Here, I’ve…

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