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Creating Safe Spaces in Health Care for the LGBTQ+ Community

Imagine feeling truly seen, heard, and supported in your doctor’s office, especially when such experiences are rare for many. Well, Dr. Efrat Lamandre, also known as Dr. E, is on a mission to make this a reality for the LGBTQ+ community, and she recently shared her insights on PIX 11 NYC.

Opening Doors to Everyone

Dr. Lamandre started her practice with a simple yet profound goal: to open up to everyone and create a great experience for every patient. But here’s the thing – she soon realized that by just being themselves and welcoming everyone, they were providing something incredibly special to their LGBTQ patients. This wasn’t about doing anything out of the ordinary, just making everyone feel genuinely welcome. And that’s where the magic happens.

Visibility Matters

So, what’s the secret sauce? Visibility and inclusivity. Dr. Lamandre made her practice’s stand on inclusivity loud and clear – from their website to their forms, and right down to the waiting room vibe. It’s like a big, warm hug telling you, “Hey, you’re safe here.” And that’s a game changer.

Listening is Healing

Ever felt rushed in a doctor’s office, like you’re just another appointment on their list? Dr. Lamandre pointed out that this is a real challenge in healthcare today. But here’s a nugget of wisdom – the more a healthcare provider listens, the more trust is built, leading to better health outcomes. It’s especially crucial for communities who’ve felt unseen or unheard. Hearing that makes you realize we could all do with a bit more listening, right?

Addressing Unique Needs

Dr. Lamandre pointed out that the healthcare needs of the LGBTQ+ community do indeed differ. Mental health issues like anxiety and depression are more common, largely due to stigma and discrimination. Moreover, there are specific needs around fertility, family planning, sexual health services, and gender-affirming care. Recognizing and addressing these needs is key to providing holistic care.

A Practice That Stands Apart

What sets EG Healthcare apart? According to Dr. Lamandre, it’s their unwavering commitment to their patients. Beyond just practicing medicine, our team is trained in cultural competence and takes pride in creating a genuine safe space. We also collaborate with local organizations to extend care beyond their clinic’s walls. And with the magic of telehealth, we can extend their reach to anyone in New York and New Jersey.

Advocating for Your Health

For those looking for supportive healthcare, Dr. Lamandre offers some advice. Seek out providers who openly declare their LGBTQ-affirmation—you’ll spot it on their websites and forms. Once you’re there, be open. Share your identity, your concerns, and let them assist you. Consider bringing a support person if you’re nervous, and always keep your medical records handy, especially if consulting multiple specialists.

Wrapping It Up

Creating a safe, inclusive space in healthcare for LGBTQ individuals is not just about offering specialized services but about transforming the essence of care to ensure everyone feels seen, heard, and respected. Dr. Efrat Lamandre and her team at EG Healthcare are at the forefront of this movement. They are advocating not only for better health outcomes but for dignity and respect in healthcare.

Remember, seeking out care where you feel genuinely welcomed and understood isn’t just beneficial—it’s transformative.

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