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Gardening and Eating Right: Easy Tips from Dr. E on News Nation

Sometimes it’s the simple, everyday things that can give our health a major boost. In a segment on News Nation in New York last June 8, 2024, Dr. Efrat Lamandre, fondly known as Dr. E, shared some invaluable advice on the health benefits of gardening and the importance of a nutrient-rich diet. Her insights remind us of the simple yet effective ways to boost our health.

The Health Benefits of Gardening

Dr. Lamandre began the conversation with a compelling point: “Gardening is like a deep breath for your brain.” This activity, often overlooked, is not just about beautifying our surroundings but also has profound health implications. Dr. E pointed out, “It’s an opportunity to put your hands in the soil. And you know what happens? You let everything else melt away.”

She debunked the common fear of getting dirty while gardening, explaining, “It turns out that getting dirty is actually really, really good for your health.” The rationale behind this statement is rooted in the benefits that soil has on our health. Gardening exposes us to the beneficial bacteria found in soil, which can improve our immune system and gut health. “So it turns out that even though it’s dirty, getting some good, wholesome dirt under your fingernails is actually really good for you,” explains Dr. E.

Eating the Rainbow

When it comes to what we eat, Dr. Lamandre is a firm believer in the power of fresh, locally-sourced food, especially during the summer months. “What you want to look for is colors. Get your red tomatoes and your green leafy vegetables and your berries. Get it all in there full of antioxidants and nutrients,” she advised. Eating a spectrum of fruits and vegetables ensures a blend of vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining a healthy body.

How Much Nutrition Do You Need?

When asked about the right amount of nutrients one should consume, Dr. E succinctly answered, “when it comes to those nutrients from your fruits and veggies, more is more.” She encourages us not to limit ourselves—implying that with healthy produce, the usual concerns over portion size are less relevant.


Isn’t it awesome to find out that some of the simplest things in life, like gardening and savoring a colorful meal, can do so much for our health? Dr. LaMandre’s chat on News Nation was a great reminder that health doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether it’s through embracing the dirt in our gardens or enriching our diets with colorful, locally sourced produce, these activities support our physical well-being in more ways than one. As Dr. E succinctly puts it, when it comes to the nutrients from your fruits and veggies, “more is more.” Let’s take her advice to heart and cultivate a healthier lifestyle, one garden and meal at a time.

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