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Let’s Talk Dirt with Dr. E: Easy Gardening Tips To Boost Your Health

Have you ever thought that a bit of time in your garden could be just as beneficial to your health as a visit to the doctor’s office? This fascinating idea was highlighted by Dr. Efrat Lamandre or Dr. E during her recent appearance on Great Day DC WUSA9 in Washington, D.C.

Health Benefits of Getting Your Hands Dirty

It might seem a bit strange, but digging into your garden’s soil is actually a treasure trove of benefits for your body. Dr. Lamandre shared that,”There’s a big connection between your health and gardening. Huge connection. It turns out that getting your hands dirty is actually really good for you.” Why? Because the soil is full of good bacteria that help boost your immune system and improve your microbiome. In today’s world, where antibacterial products are everywhere, it’s particularly beneficial to introduce some natural elements back into our lives.”

Grow Your Own Pharmacy

Imagine growing plants that double as medicine. That’s right! According to Dr. E, growing your own herbs like mint and basil can be just like growing your own health remedies. These aren’t just tasty additions to your recipes—they’re powerful health boosters. Basil acts as a great antioxidant, while mint aids digestion.

And don’t worry if you’re not big on cooking. Dr. E suggests: “You can still get these rewards by infusing your water with mint and basil. Each sip not only hydrates you but also infuses your body with antioxidants and nutrients.”

A Deep Breath for Your Brain

Gardening isn’t just good for the body. It also offers incredible benefits for your mind. Dr. Lamandre explains that gardening is like a “deep breath for your brain.” It’s about getting back to basics, which can be incredibly grounding and soothing. Plus, the act of nurturing something and watching it grow provides personal satisfaction and makes “the rest of the world kind of melt away.”

What’s the Takeaway?

Health doesn’t always come in a bottle or from a clinic. Sometimes, it’s right in your backyard, waiting to be discovered. Whether it’s through the immune-boosting properties of soil, the health benefits of home-grown herbs, or the mental calm that gardening can foster, it’s crystal clear there’s a profound connection between our health and gardening.

So, maybe it’s time to swap some screen time for some green time? Whether you’ve got a sprawling garden or just a tiny nook for a pot or two, there’s something in there that can enrich your health in ways you might not have imagined. Let’s roll up our sleeves, get our hands a little dirty. And remember—every plant we nurture is a step closer to nurturing ourselves.

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