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Mental Health Check: Easy Tips from Dr. Efrat Lamandre

In the whirlwind of our daily lives, taking care of our mental health is super important. Dr. Efrat Lamandre, who likes to call herself a medical disruptor, often pops up on various news platforms to talk about this. She challenges common misconceptions about mental health and emphasizes the importance of taking proactive steps toward mental wellbeing.

It’s Real, You’re Not Imagining Things

One of the key points Dr. Lamandre stresses is the validity of your feelings and symptoms. It’s easy to dismiss what we feel, sometimes thinking we might be overreacting or just imagining things.

Dr. Lamandre wants everyone to know that if you’re feeling off, it’s not “just in your head.” There’s no need to brush it off thinking you’re making it up. Acknowledging how you feel is the first step to getting better. Dr. Lamandre pushes for using the power of social media to learn and connect with others who might be going through similar experiences. You’re definitely not alone in this.

Make Time for Yourself

She also stresses the importance of self-care. And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy! Whether it’s diving into a good book, enjoying a long bath, or spending time on a hobby you love, these are the moments that help keep your mind clear and strong. Dr. Lamandre believes that little breaks like these can make a big difference in your mental resilience.

Why Nature is Good for You

One of the unique tips from Dr. Lamandre is getting in touch with nature, especially through gardening or just being around soil. It sounds a bit quirky, but there’s good science behind it. She implies to the therapeutic benefits of being around soil—how it interacts with our skin, how we breathe it in, and even ingest it. It helps enrich the variety of good bacteria in our bodies, which plays a big role in how happy and healthy we feel.

Keep Moving Forward

Improving your mental health doesn’t mean you have to change everything overnight. It’s about the small choices we make every day that lead to big improvements. Dr. Lamandre’s advice shows us that whether it’s listening to our bodies, relaxing with a hobby, or connecting with nature, it all adds up to a healthier mindset.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with small steps. Don’t hesitate to talk to someone, whether it’s a friend or a professional, and remember, taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

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