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Unlocking Better Sleep: Insights from Dr. Efrat Lamandre

Everyone knows how good it feels to get a great night’s sleep. But not everyone knows how to make it happen consistently. Recently, Dr. Efrat Lamandre shared some insightful sleep advice during her appearance on KTXL FOX40 in Sacramento. If you’re struggling to catch those Z’s, her expert tips might just be what you need.

Rethink Your Pre-Bedtime Habits

You might not realize it, but what you do right before bed can be the deciding factor in how well you sleep. “If you’re one of those people who are sleeping all the time, great, you can ignore these tips, but for most of us, we have some trouble,” she says.

According to Dr. Lamandre, there are a few key things you should definitely avoid:

Eating Before Bed

It’s tempting to snack before bed, right? However, Dr. E points out that this can be problematic. “Our body is going to be busy digesting that and breaking that down, disrupting our sleep,” she explains. When your system is hard at work digesting, it’s not fully committed to ushering you into dreamland. So, maybe it’s time to rethink that late-night bite.


Now, what about a little nightcap to drift off? Dr. E warns that alcohol, while it might make you feel sleepy initially, ends up being a bit of a trickster. “As it breaks down in your system, it will disrupt your sleep,” she notes. That drowsiness you feel after a glass of wine isn’t the ticket to lasting sleep quality. It’s worth reflecting on if that temporary sleepiness is worth the potential restless night ahead.

Screen Time

This is a big one. Dr. Lamandre explains that the blue light from our screens can trick our brains into thinking it’s still daylight, messing with our natural sleep-inducing hormones. “There’s actually a blue light that’s emitted that tells your brain it’s daytime and releases daytime chemicals, wakefulness chemicals, instead of the shutting down chemicals,” she cautions. By saying no to the screen, you say yes to letting your brain prepare for the rest it deserves.

“If you’re someone who’s shooting for quality sleep, steering clear of these three things right before bed can make a big difference,” says Dr. Lamandre.

To Nap or Not to Nap?

Are you a fan of the midday snooze? Dr. Lamandre shared that whether or not this is beneficial can depend on how easily you fall asleep at night.

“If you are someone who has trouble falling asleep, then naps would not be the way to go, because they can be disruptive,” she says. However, for those who have no problem dozing off when night falls, a nap “can help you get that second win.”

It’s about knowing your body and understanding how it reacts to daytime snoozes. If naps don’t interfere with your nighttime slumber, then by all means, enjoy that power-boost. But if they leave you wide-eyed at midnight, it might be time to explore other ways to energize during the day.


By understanding and adjusting these aspects of our routine as Dr. Efrat Lamandre suggests, we can all aim for a more restful and restorative night’s sleep. Remember, every small change can lead to significant improvements in your overall health and well-being.

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