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Relax and Recharge This Summer with Dr. E’s 5 Helpful Health Tips

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to shake off the cobwebs of winter and rejuvenate both your body and soul. Recently, Dr. Efrat LaMandre, also known as Dr. E, shared some wonderful insights on FOX 5 DC WTTG Bethesda on how you can maximize this sunny season for better health.

Let’s break down her tips to make your summer both relaxing and energizing!

Hydration with a Twist

Drinking enough water can sometimes feel a bit mundane. Dr. E suggests, “So sometimes drinking water gets a little bit boring. So, it’s great to just put in some herbs or a fruit and vegetables inside because then every sip you’re not only hydrating, but you’re actually getting your phytonutrients and your antioxidants in every sip.” Imagine sipping on water infused with strawberries, cucumber, or mint—it’s a refreshing way to keep hydrated and boost your nutrient intake!

Smart Sun Exposure

We often hear about the risks of too much sun exposure, but a little bit of sunlight is beneficial. Dr. E recommends taking advantage of the early morning sun. “So what you want to try to do is first thing in the morning, get the first, you know, five, 10 minutes before it gets hot without your sunscreen to really get the sunlight, the vitamin D, the immune boost.” This small change in your routine can lead to significant health benefits including boosting your mood and strengthening your immune system.

Embrace Seasonal Produce

There’s something special about the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available in the summer. Dr. E encourages visiting local farmer’s markets to explore the variety: “You have fresh locally sourced produce. You want to get your colors in, you want to try to get the green leafy vegetables, the tomato, think about getting out of the comfort zone of our winter food and try new things.” This is an excellent opportunity to not only support local farmers but also to enrich your diet with a spectrum of nutrients.

Cooling Foods

The summer heat can be intense, but your diet can help you keep cool. Dr. E says, “It’s really about using your foods again to cool down, whether you’re using your watermelon or cucumbers because they have natural hydration in there or coconut water.” Incorporating these foods into your daily diet can help maintain your body’s hydration levels and keep you cool.

Get Active Outdoors

Finally, moving your workouts outside can be a fantastic way to enjoy the weather while staying fit. Dr. E suggests, “Getting out of that winter phase, you want to start thinking of moving your exercise routine outside. Whether you’re hiking or beach yoga or jump rope.” Whether it’s a morning jog on the beach or a yoga session in the park, outdoor activities can significantly lift your spirits and improve your physical health.

Make This Summer Count!

Isn’t it incredible how small tweaks to our daily habits can lead to such significant improvements in our health and mood? This summer, let’s embrace these easy yet impactful changes proposed by Dr. E. From hydrating creatively to enjoying the morning sun and crunching on fresh garden produce, every step you take is a stride toward a healthier you.

By infusing your everyday routines with these simple changes, you’re not just surviving the summer heat, but thriving in it. Let’s make this summer a season of health and happiness!

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